Lani Seligman


Lani Seligman is a cross-disciplinary artist whose creative practice includes photography, video, voice, and installation. She completed a PhD at the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne (2016), focusing on how intergenerational trauma is transmitted through semiotic language. This research resulted in a large-scale sound installation, primarily using her own voice. It particularly focused on how the refrain acts as a powerful force in the recurring nature of trauma. Her ongoing research and practice reflects on the refraining ramifications of living in this marrow and unceded land, and what it means to inherit and be complicit in its colonial past and present. Lani Seligman lives and works in Naarm (Melbourne) Australia and is Lecturer in Art at the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne.

Field: Art
Institution:Victorian College of the Arts (VCA)

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Public space, public art, domestic space in public

Title of Paper
The function and power of the refrain as a model for public pedagogy