Climate Aware Creative Practices: Towards a Collective Pedagogy


Climate Aware Creative Practices: Towards a Collective Pedagogy

“Our paper addresses the theme of activism in relation to environmental justice and its imbrication with pedagogical approaches to climate-aware arts practice. We will introduce our newly established research project ‘Climate Aware Creative Practices’ (CACP) led by Terri Bird, Helen Hughes, and Tara McDowell with research assistance from Lauren Burrow. CACP is engaged in understanding ways in which university arts courses can:

● foster artistic, theoretical, and curatorial practices that are aware of and respond to the challenges of climate change 

● centre Indigenous knowledge in climate aware practice and pedagogy; 

● actively participate in climate justice, advocacy and activism; and 

● understand art’s role in contributing to both issues and solutions pertaining to sustainability (i.e., the environmental impact of art and exhibition making). CACP is currently researching existing approaches that art schools are taking towards teaching climate aware creative and critical practices through a series of interviews with teachers at art schools nationally and internationally. We are also aiming to form a nation- wide network of art schools committed to climate justice, through which to share research, resources, and to act collectively. A longer-term outcome of the research project is to establish a charter for climate-aware creative practice, co-authored by members of the network. Our conference paper will share CACP’s recent findings, with the aim of further promoting the idea of a national network to ACUADS participants.”