Terri Bird


Terri Bird is an artist and Associate Professor in the Department of Fine Arts at Monash University. She works collaboratively with Bianca Hester and Scott Mitchell as Open Spatial Workshop (OSW). In 2017 OSW exhibited Converging in time at MUMA, which explored connections between materiality, histories of shaping territories and the various politics inscribed in place. In 2017 she co-authored Practising with Deleuze: design, dance, art, writing, philosophy with Suzie Attiwill, Andrea Eckersley, Antonia Pont, Jon Roffe and Philipa Rothfield. She has also published essays in Deleuze Studies Journal, Angelaki, and Studies in Material Thinking that focus on the dynamics of forming processes and art’s material operations.


Field: Art

Institution: Monash University

Conference Schedule

Feminist activism, resistance, social activism, policing and politics of space, environmental activism, public activism

Title of Paper

Climate Aware Creative Practices: Towards a Collective Pedagogy