For 2022, our design team truly focused on sustainability with our merchandising.
We are very aware of the impact of fast fashion and with over “two thirds of textiles” (Shirvanimoghaddam et al., 2020, p. 2). ending up in landfill, adding to that was not an option.
To counteract this and break this cycle, we aimed to create high quality pieces that can be re-used each year.

Sustainable promotional apparel for purchase includes:

ACUADS Bucket Hat

Soft and fluffy cotton ACUADS branded bucket hat!
A Public Pedagogy: Forms of Togetherness pin will fit nicely on the hat.



Eco-friendly, high quality ACUADS cotton T-shirt in black colour.
The T-shirt is made of sustainable material.


A Public Pedagogy Pin

A Public Pedagogy: Form of Togetherness pin will be given to each attendee who joins the ACUADS 2022 Conference.
This pin will serve as a collectable for 2022 and with each successive year, a new pin can be collected. Attach the pin to your ACUADS branded T-shirt or bucket hat, or anywhere you see fit!

Feel free to pick up your ACUADS merchandise at the Conference, otherwise it will be an additional $10 for postage.

If you are interested in purchasing,
please contact

Digital merchandise

FREE! downloadable MS Teams backgrounds!
Click to download your choice of virtual MS teams background to add to the conference.