Kerrie Mackay


Kerrie Mackay is a contemporary fine artist and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Candidate at Griffith University’s Queensland College of Art. She is also a member of Griffith Universities Creative Research Institute and works part time as a Technology and Engineering Assistant at Moreton Bay Boys’ School in Brisbane. Kerrie is an arts and design practice-led researcher interested in the well-being benefits that can be provided through engagement with nature and art. Her PhD research explores how researcher and student co-creation of an outdoor multi-sensory nature and art space, can enhance the well-being of participants in a boy’s private school in Brisbane. It builds on earlier transpersonal participatory action research, by examining how art making, art and nature exposure, multi-sensory placemaking, and social interaction, can support positive health in children within a school environment. A complex inter-relationship between these factors contribute to enhanced well-being, but social connection, self-determination and agency are particularly important contributors.


Field: Art

Institution: Griffith University


Conference Schedule

Feminist activism, resistance, social activism, policing and politics of space, environmental activism, public activism

Title of Paper

Co-creation of a school outdoor multi-sensory nature and art space to enhance the well-being of children